The implosion of my mind ๐Ÿ’ฅ

One of my world-famous emails, originally sent Saturday, 30 March 2019. You can get on the list here. It was bound to happen eventually. Kathy sent me an email recently, which is the genises of this PSA. This week: My brain! The Empire’s Rogues. Let’s start with the thoughts-and-prayers segment. I know the emoji in the subject is an explosion… …not an implosion. Turns out, there’s not a decent emoji for that, and I prefer the idea of imploding, so here we are: me vs. the Unicode Consortium. Let’s move on, and talk about Kathy’s email. In it, she said (note to others: this is how you tell authors they’re stupid, all while doing it politely): “Grace’s timeline no longer makes sense to me.” I’ll admit to a small feeling of dread on reading this. As I noted in a Read More …

Dragon’s Bargain Is Out!

ICYMI, Dragon’s Bargain is out, and you can get it for 0.99 (US/UK) for a limited time. Actually, quite limited because I forgot to mention this until today, and the special window is collapsing like a badly-made wormhole. This is the best way to get more Grace Gushiken in your life. [GET DRAGON’S BARGAIN]

Reversing Awkward ๐Ÿ˜• to Groovy ๐Ÿ˜Ž

This is one of my world-famous emails, originally sent Sunday, 24 February, 2019. You can get on the list here. It’s New Release Time Remember that time at bandcamp when I asked you* to not buy my books? This is not one of those emails. This week: The Empire’s Rogues, with a launch special; A couple book reviews you may have missed; and Some interviews. * ICYMI: here. The Empire’s Rogues They’re out! Well, some of them, anyway. This is my foray into writing YA fiction, which naturally I know everything about having been a YA in my earlier laps around Sol. The first three stories are live, and … I’m actually nervous. It took a while to build the thin veneer of confidence I show around space opera and cyberpunk. How will the masses take my young Nate & Read More …

Bookshine and Readbows Reviews The Empire’s Rogues

If you want to check out what they thought, hit the magic linky: [The Empire’s Rogues @ Bookshine and Readbows] “Parry effortlessly blends futuristic tech with more traditional pirates and thieves in a way that is both new and familiar, and (in Nateโ€™s stories) can bring a smile. Graceโ€™s path is a more emotional one, as she struggles to maintain a professional detachment against her clear longing for personal contact and companionship; balancing her assassin skills against her empath gift.” You can check out The Empire’s Rogues Volume 1, or start on the first story, Ganymede Steel.

Well, this is awkward ๐Ÿ˜•

This is one of my world-famous emails, originally sent Friday, 1st February 2019. Get on the list here. Talk about conflicted. This week, I’m going to do something weird (…weirder). I’m going to ask you to not buy my books. Yet. What’s on deck? What you want next (early results from the reader survey); The Empire’s Rogues, and Not buying books. Let’s get in there. Next project: Tyche’s Lost Most of you seemed to enjoy Tyche Forever. I’m now working on Tyche’s Lost, which follows right after Forever. It features Saveria Complex and Chad Forradel, the heroes of Tyche’s Gravedigger. Spoilers, but the end of Tyche’s Angels sees our heroes pretty banged up. Tyche’s Lost is about their vacation*. They’ll holiday on a jungle world, rich with native flora and fauna. The story is mildly influenced by Beauty and the Read More …

A Young Nate & Grace

I’m editing The Empire’s Rogues at the moment; I don’t think I’ve shared Rebekah’s sketches for Nate (sixteen) and Grace (fifteen). These will go at the front of the books, but they’re not out until February, so… please to enjoy. While we’re here, I enjoyed some of Tiffany’s editing commentary … lemme share a few choice snippets.